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MS POWER BI is occupying a leading share in today’s market of BI and Reporting tools, for its ease of integration with other Microsoft products, and the versatility of the range of products offered.

This Power BI functionality allows you to use reporting reports, dashboards, and visuals in a desktop app or web page.

There are two fields of application: for your own organization (users are licensed Power BI in your domain), or for your customers (users are not PowerBI licensed)

An API allows you to manage secure access, and embedding of required objects.

You can also interact with your reports using a Javascript API: for example, pass pages, apply filters, edit a report, create reports with existing data models, use bookmarks with calls from your code.

Webs and applications can be developed in different frameworks: .NET, JAVA, php. They can even be integrated into CMS programs, such as WordPress or Drupal. Here you can see a sample report on a WordPress page on my site. The report is interactive: you can pass pages, filter, etc.

We can help you prepare your first websites or apps with POWER BI Embedded, or provide you with training that’s right for your needs.

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