QlikView Course Content – Level 1: Designer (16h)

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1. Introduction

  • What is QlikView?
  • QlikView Basics
  • Document

2. Query editor: simple data load from file

3. QV Objects

4. Making Queries in a QlikView Document

  • Basic QlikView terminology / colors
  • Associative selections
  • Stepping back or forward in the list of selections
  • Locking and unlocking selections
  • Searching values
  • Selection bookmarks

5. Script Editor Basics: Loading Data into QlikView

  • Loading a text file into QlikView
  • Loading an Excel file into QlikView
  • Loading a qvd file into QlikView

6. Handling Sheets & Sheet Objects

  • Sheets
  • Logical connections between sheets
  • Adding, Moving, Copying a sheet
  • Adding new sheet objects
  • Sheet Design fundamentals
  • Object Properties

7. List Boxes & Statistics Boxes

  • The list box
  • The statistics box

8. Aggregations – Charts: Bar Charts & Pie Charts

  • Introduction
  • Making selections in a chart
  • Changing chart types using a fast type change icon
  • Creating a bar chart using the Wizard
  • Removing a chart
  • Changing a few properties
  • Cloning and detaching your chart
  • Turning the bar chart into a pie chart

9. Pivot Tables & Straight Tables

  • Adding a dimension to a bar chart
  • Turning a bar chart into a multidimensional pivot table
  • Creating a straight table

10. More Chart Types: Line, Combo, Gauge

  • Creating a line chart
  • Adding an expression to a bar chart
  • Turning the bar chart into a combo chart
  • Turning the combo chart into a scatter chart
  • Creating a scatter chart from scratch
  • Creating a gauge chart
  • Working with drill-down functionality
  • Copying to Clipboard and printing

11. Variables

  • Defining a variable in the script.
  • Let / Set
  • Managing variables in the Variable Manager
  • Assigning a value to a variable
  • Evaluating a variable (Dollar expansion)

12. Multi Boxes, Table Boxes and Input Boxes

  • The multi box
  • The table box
  • Using an input box

13, Buttons, Text Objects and Line/Arrow Objects

  • The text object
  • The line/arrow object
  • The button object

14. Sliders, Current Selection Objects and Bookmark Objects

  • The slider/calendar object (in slider mode)
  • Creating a Current Selections box
  • Creating a bookmark object

15. Document Properties, User Preferences & Reload

  • Setting Document Properties
  • User Preferences
  • Reloading data

16. Object Properties

  • Conditional showing objects and expression fields
  • Using the Expression editor

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